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I recently tried a free 14-day trial with the OneWorldTree feature on Ancestry.com. I have an annual subscription already to the US census records, the US immigration collection, the US records, and the family and local histories. I've been very pleased with all the information I've found on this website in the past year, and thought it would be nice to try one of their other features.

I discovered that the OneWorldTree feature is excellent for those people who are just starting out on their family history research. You can type in a few of your ancestors' names and hopefully hook in to someone else's tree and add all their names to your file. OneWorldTree is definitely something you can use at the beginning of your research.

The problem I discovered for myself is that in the past year, I've already discovered many of the names through the world tree feature I already have access to with my subscription. I've already typed in manually most of the people OneWorldTree found for me. Which leads me to another drawback. OneWorldTree does not have the ability to input a Gedcom file from my PAF program. I thought I would be able to upload my gedcom file of 8500 names and that I could then search for those names. But I had to input a few names one by one for OneWorldTree to search for them.

So if you're just getting started with your family history research, then OneWorldTree is a good option for you and worth the annual fee of $49.95 for new customers (If you already have an Ancestry.com subscription it would be $39.95). I wish I had used it when I started my research a year ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and typing.


So you feel that strongly about this? I am just starting out on this search.

I can not sign on, All I get is you ad to subscribe I am unable to get any thing else. Can you help

Allen, I will email you directly and try to help.

I have big problems with OneWorldTree. For starters it contains incorrect information about my ancestry that is attributed to me. The only problem is I didn't put it there! It's stuff that was taken from my files at Rootsweb and incorrectly linked to other ancestors. And then there's the "Famous ancestors" stuff. I followed one of my lineages back all the way to Adam... It kept going beyond Adam and Eve!!!! OneWorldConnect is full of misinformation. BEWARE!

I just started using Oneworldtree and it has been a big help...there are a few names that I will have to research more into (for instance, a mother and father that died before the child was born) but I know that dates aren't exact. it's give or take some time...but I like it so far. I have been able to go back to Germany in one line...but there's plenty more to go!!!

Amen to H Deemer . OneWorldTree (OWT) is has a lot of incorrect information. I have tried to change some things, but with no success. They merge some of my families with a last name that I can not see the connection at all, the last names are so different. You need to go into where the person submit their families and not take what one WOT suggest. It is a lot of laugh. The child has a different last name than the Father. You should try to e-mail the person if you are lucky that they did not changed their e-mail address since then. Just don't download the files, You are better to check it out and see if they may have put their files on RootWeb.com
or Ancestry.com. that people have control of. Please e-mail the people they would be most happy to help you. Also there may be some rewards to meet each other etc. And maybe you can help them to update it.
OneWorldConnect is full of misinformation. BEWARE!

I love OneWorldTree.

It has been so helpful.

I typed in the name of my maternal grandfather and my paternal grandfather and got a lot of hits for famous people. Matter of fact, my parents are related a few generations back, and so are my matrnal grandparents.

I have been able to link myself to all of the Presidents of the U.S. Numerous people that came over on the Mayflower, Signers of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, Jamestown Settlers, Movie Stars, etc.

But, when I started out I already had over 130,000 names in my genealogy files. So perhaps it was much easier for me than someone just starting out.

What I like is that when you find an ancestor on OneWorldTree you can look backward and find someone already in your genealogy file, and this links you more relatives.

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