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Paw Prints Cross Stitch

I recently purchased a Family Tree Cross Stitch kit from Paw Prints Cross Stitch and was very pleased with their service. My mother's hobbies include both genealogy and cross-stitching, so I thought this gift would be perfect for her.

I ordered this kit 2 weeks before her birthday online at their website. They then emailed me saying that they were waiting for another shipment to come in and that it would be sent out shortly. I was a bit surprised to hear this news, because the website had not said this item was out of stock and I replied saying that I needed this Family Tree Kit by June 24th. Their representative, Diana, was quick to respond and said they would get it out to me no later than June 21st and would send it Priority Mail. I was happily surprised with this unexpected upgrade on shipping and just as she said, they shipped it out on the 21st and I received it on Thursday, the 23rd.

I feel like customer service isn't as important to some companies anymore, and I am very pleased that Paw Prints Cross Stitch still wants to take care of their customers. This Family Tree Kit looks very nice and I recommend it to anyone who likes to cross-stitch as well as do their family history. It is called God Bless Our Family Tree, by Sunset, and costs $18.99 at Paw Prints Cross Stitch.


This sounds like something I might like to do. Thanks for the heads up.

User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

I place an order with this company. It took 52 days for my order to arrive.

I contacted them 2 times to inquire and received no communication from them either time.

I will not ever order from them again and I am letting everyone in my 3 crafting groups know about my experience with this company.

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