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Professional genealogists choose the best genealogy websites to use

I was just reading through some articles on Ancestry.com and found a very interesting article titled, "14 Websites Preferred by Professionals," written by Kory L. Meyerink. In this article Meyerink reveals the results of the 2004 survey to professional genealogists asking which 5 genealogy websites they use the most. (Please link to the article to find out how she identified and questioned these professionals).

Meyerink then lists the top 14 websites. Given that 12 of these 14 sites were all in the 2003 survey as well, I would suggest starting your research with one of these sites.

(there was a tie for 13)
13. Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System
13. World GenWeb
12. Stephen P. Morse's One-Step Database Interfaces
11. National Archives and Records Administration
10. Ellis Island
 9. General Land Office Records (BLM)
 8. Google
 7. Genealogy.com
 6. Heritage Quest Online
 5. US GenWeb
 4. Cyndi's List
 3. RootsWeb
 2. FamilySearch
 1. Ancestry.com

Since I have only used about 4 or 5 of these websites, I plan on finding out more information about each one and posting it soon.

To find out more about Professional Genealogists go to ProGenealogist.com.


I'm a big fan of #8.

I agree with you. I too have only used 4 or 5 of these sites and need to become familiar with more of them.

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