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Stephen P. Morse's One-Step Database

The Stephen P. Morse website was ranked #12 for most popular websites used by professional genealogists, so I decided to try it out. It is a one-step database that is supposed to search the Ellis Island records, Ancestry.com census records (with a subscription), Social Security Death Index, and many other websites all at once.

Every time I search for a name though, the only thing that pops up is the search for the name on Ancestry.com. I assume that the website is helpful for those people who have ancestors who immigrated to either New York, or Boston, or Baltimore, or any of the other ports listed on Morse's database. Apparently, none of the people I've searched for have had any information at the other sites Morse's One-Step Database searches. There isn't really a "how to" guide to his website, so I'm a bit confused. It seems like I can just keep using Ancestry.com and find the same information Stephen P. Morse's website would pull up for me.


I'm confused with your answer. It looks like you didn't look in any of the folders on Steve's site. There are over 100 tools there, and a number have nothing to do with searching Ancestry.com.

For example, the section I'm involved in supplies tools to find enumeration district numbers from addresses for large cities for the 1910 to 1930 census. This will work if you don't have a name on an index, and once you have the ED# you can go to films at NARA, library holdings, or any subscription website that has those census years.

Read the FAQs at each utility to learn how to get the most out of them.

In addition, even with using Steve's utilities to search Ancestry, you will find that Steve has "added value" to such searches such as the ability to search on less than 3 letters of a surname (3 letter wildcard search) or first name for Ancestry searches. We also have a backup utility to find census images on Ancestry if their own links are incorrect.

Joel Weintraub
(part of One Step Team)


Thank you for your comments. After emailing with you and with Steve Morse, I have posted an updated review of Steven P. Morse's One-Step Database on July 18, 2005.

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