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Tribal Pages

There is a great website that will let you upload your whole family tree for free. It's called TribalPages and it allows you to put all your family history research online for others to view. The website allows you to set up a password protected site, so that only those who know the password can see all the information.

I uploaded my gedcom file a few weeks ago and I think it has some great features. For one, it allows me to give out the website to my family members to view...instead of me having to email them a huge file and wait for them to download it. Plus, whenever I make updates I can just make it on the website for all to see, instead of again having to email the updates.

TribalPages also allows you to upload photographs and file them in a photo index. I also think the relationships tool is a great feature to let you know your exact relationship to someone in your file (PAF also has this feature). Your tribal page will also keep you up to date on all birthdays and anniversaries among the living people in your family, which could definitely help with a big family.

All in all, the best thing about this website is the fact that it's free. You can't lose, just make sure to use their security password feature.


I learned something new. I have never heard of this website. Thanks.

Same here, I joined Tribalpages in early 2008 and I have been extremely happy with it and so have my relatives and everyone else. They say that it is so much easier to get around on that some of the others. I have my gedcom on another large site, but just redirect people to my Tribalpages. What did we do without them! Keep up the good work.

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