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World GenWeb

After reading about the World GenWeb as one of the top websites used by professional genealogists, I decided to try it out. It was definitely worth the effort. I found loads of information on an ancestral line I've been stuck on for a year. I have had trouble finding information on my husband's Canadian relatives, but I hit the jackpot with this website.

The WorldGenWeb Project is a world-wide volunteer group of genealogists sharing their information. When I went to this site, I clicked on North America first, and then decided to try the Canada GenWeb just for kicks. Our ancestors come from Prince Edward Island (PEI), so I clicked on that location and then went to PEI Lineages.

My husband has 2 sets of great-great-great grandparents all raised in PEI. This lineage section then let me search for each surname and 3 out of the 4 of them were listed on this site. I found lists of Barlows and Ramsays who lived in PEI that were all related to our relatives. I then was able to email each of the genealogists who posted this information and have already received a few pictures from a nice lady named Carol.

I highly recommend the use of this website and I have these 2 pictures to prove it works.

Barlow.jpeg mansion.jpeg

The Barlow mansion in PEI belonging to John Barlow, born in England in 1808...moved to Prince Edward Island in 1832.


Very nice article and pictures.

these are great pictures. my mother is a barlow of a large family. they are almost all on the island. i however live is st louis missouri. my brother and sister are on pei.

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