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Any Day in History

I recently found this website called Scope Systems that will look up any day of the year and tell you exactly what has happened on that day throughout history. It lists births, deaths, holidays, world events, religious events, etc. It's worth a minute just to see all the information on your birthday. I found lots of interesting information for my birthday.

There were many famous people born on my day, but only 3 who stood out to me: Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, and Christina Aguilera. I also found out that Chris Farley died on my birthday. One other interesting fact I learned was that whenever my birthday falls on a Friday, it's a holiday called Underdog Day. I looked up this holiday and it is actually a day to honor all the underdogs and unsung heroes out there, as opposed to a day to honor the Underdog TV Show.

Another search you can do on the Scopes website is to search for a month and year, instead of just a single day. I think this would be an interesting tool to use for family history research. It could give you an idea of what was happening when your ancestors were born or living and perhaps lead you to a new focus for researching.

There is a list of other websites just like Scope Systems on a blog I like to read everyday called Amidst a Tangled Web.


I went to that blog site and found it very interesting. Who knew so much about so many unrelated things?

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