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Making Connections through the Internet

Recently I found a distant relative's email address and we started to trade information. She lives in Florida and I live in Utah. Our ancestors come from Prince Edward Island and New England. It's amazing that we even found each other living so far apart, but that is the beauty of the Internet. You can find information about almost anyone on the Internet.

This nice lady, Carol, then gave me the email address for a relative of ours still living in Canada, and I am now conversing with him too. I've received pictures and information I might not have ever found otherwise.

John Barlow Family Picture.jpg
John Barlow Family Picture (great-great-great grandfather right in the middle)

So to encourage the use of Internet connections, I thought I would post the 8 great-grandparents of my husband and the 8 great-grandparents of myself and see if anyone related to us will find it and make a connection.

Leander Emil Lund (Oct 20, 1892 to Jun 14, 1925)
Ruby Lavern Fredrickson (Sep 15, 1896 to Jun 10, 1925)
Frank Ephraim Chapman (Apr 23, 1892 to Nov 21, 1918)
Birdie Sophia Blomquist (Oct 28, 1888 to Oct 9, 1954)
Lewis Mayham Sherrill (May 3, 1881 to Apr 27, 1952)
Lillian Rose Sherlock (Jan 28, 1883 to Dec 16, 1979)
Edd Reed (Aug 15, 1894 to Jun 12, 1966)
Inez Mullins (Aug 27, 1895 to Nov 15, 1919)

George Alexander Hersam (Oct 16, 1878 to Dec 9, 1960)
Mabel Worthen Horne (Dec 16, 1880 to Sep 17, 1917)
Arthur Swan Clark (Aug 9, 1880 to Mar 18, 1952)
Edith Chandler Abbott (Nov 23, 1879 to Jan 25, 1978)
Charles Bickel (Sep 12, 1870 to Feb 8, 1943)
Anna Louisa Murphy (Feb 7, 1879 to Apr 8, 1954)
Eliot Howe French (Oct 7, 1859 to Mar 17, 1929)
Elizabeth McCausland/MacAusland (Dec 15, 1871 to Mar 20, 1957)


Hi there,
I am originally from Prince Edward Island and my father is John Harold Barlow. He has been researching our family tree for years and I was wondering if it was him that you are speaking with or if you need some help locating someone on PEI.
Let me know.
Jeannie Barlow

We are probably related, Jeannie! I will get in touch with you.

Is your Elizabeth McCausland related to Frederick McCausland of Prince Edward Island Canada?

Ran across your comment searching for some general family info and I have some names in common with your family.

My father, Frederick Samuel McCausland's paternal great-grandmother was Elizabeth Barlow McCausland of PEI.

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