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Our Timelines

Our Timelines is a free website that generates a timeline of historical events that happened during a person's life. For example, I typed in a few of my great-great grandfathers, Francis Edward Abbott and George W. Sherlock, with their birth years and death years and this is what appeared for their timelines.

Francis Edward Abbott (black & white timeline - printable)

George W. Sherlock (color timeline)

Our Timelines is a great resource for genealogists..."For Genealogists, these capabilities are a veritable gold mine - you can actually see how a family member fits into history, and that not only helps users of your genealogical efforts to know these people a lot better, it helps you to better direct your research."

You can also add 10 personal events into your timeline as well: marriage, graduation, children, etc. Plus, any event that is underlined links to more information on that event. I think this a great learning tool, as well as a great genealogical tool.


I, of course had to check out the timelines. Very cool!!

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