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Stephen P. Morse's One-Step Database Part II

On June 28, 2005 I wrote a review of the Stephen P. Morse One-Step Database. As you can see by the article, I was clearly confused as to how this site works.

After receiving a comment from Joel Weintraub, a member of the One-Step team, and then receiving an email from Steve Morse himself, I started to understand the site a little bit better.

I had assumed that the words "one-step" meant that when I entered a name at the top of the page that the database would search each folder all at once in "one-step." I was wrong. There is a very thorough explanation of what the site does listed under the Miscellaneous section in the One-Step Portal folder. The explanation is long, but Mr. Morse has actually made it quite entertaining, so it is worth the time spent to understand his website. I apologize to Mr. Morse and Mr. Weintraub for the confusion, and definitely plan on taking advantage of all that this site has to offer in the future.


Steve Morse has now put a link at the top of his site titled "About this Website and how to use it." So you don't need to find it in the Miscellaneous Section anymore.

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