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Genealogy Today Marketplace

I have mentioned a few different websites to buy genealogy-related gifts before, but I think I found an even better one. The website is called Genealogy Today and all their products can be found at their Genealogy Marketplace. This website has offered products online for almost 3 years and now has over 700 gift items.

I'll just link to a few items that look interesting to me:

Baby Family Tree X-Stitch Pattern/Kit
6x4 Pewter Grandmother Frame
DK Millennium Family Tree Record Book
Family Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
Family Trees Are Always In Season Mug
Country Living Handmade Scrapbooks
Families are Forever 12x12 Paper
First Steps in Genealogy
7 Generation Family Tree Poster
Dig Up Your Roots and Find Your Branches
Genealogy Bracelet Charm (9mm size)
Linkum Card Game


I tried to access Genealogy Today from your article and I could not. I will now try it in a Google search.

Oops, I just had the links wrong. They are working now.

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