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BYU Personal Enrichment Courses

I found out about some free Family History courses today at one of the exhibits at the FGS/UGA Genealogy Conference. I graduated from BYU, so you'd think I would have already known this, but BYU offers some free Personal Enrichment Independent Study courses specifically on Family History.

Here is a link to the BYU website and a list of their Personal Enrichment classes. I'll just list the Family History classes here.

FHGEN 68 - Finding Your Ancestors
FHGEN 69 - Providing Temple Ordinances for Your Ancestors
FHGEN 70 - Introduction to Family History Research
FHGEN 75 - Writing Family History (this one actually costs $24)
FHGEN 80 - Helping Children Love Your Family History
FHREC 71 - Family Records
FHREC 73 - Vital Records
FHREC 76 - Military Records
FHFRA 71 - France: Immigrant Origins
FHFRA 72 - France: Vital Records
FHFRA 73 - France: Reading French Handwriting
FHFRA 74 - France: Genealogical Organizations and Periodicals
FHFRA 75 - France: The Internet and French Genealogy
FHFRA 76 - French Research: Paris
FHFRA 77 - French Research: Alsace-Lorraine
FHGER 71 - Germany: Immigrant Origins
FHGER 72 - Germany: U.S. Sources and Surname Changes
FHGER 73 - Germany: Jurisdictions, Gazetteers, and Maps
FHGER 74 - Germany: Reading German Handwriting
FHGER 75 - Germany: Calendars and Feast Days
FHGER 76 - Germany: Vital Records
FHHUG 71 - Huguenot Research
FHSCA 73 - Scandinavia: Jurisdictions, Gazetteers, and Maps
FHSCA 74 - Scandinavia: Reading Gothic Script
FHSCA 75 - Scandinavia: Church Records and Feast Days
FHSCA 76 - Scandinavia: Census Records
FHSCA 77 - Scandinavia: Probate and Other Records

You don't receive any college credit for these classes...since they are free...but it might be helpful to quiz yourself and at least browse through some of the lessons.


I have many ancestors in the united states military since colonial days !
Please sign me up for FHREC 76 and advise me, by e-mail , of the days involved .

Thank you
Urbun L. Stephens


I appreciate your comment, but I have no affiliation with the BYU courses...I just wrote an entry about them to make others aware of them as well. Here is the link for you to sign yourself up for the class


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