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MacPAF is the answer for those members of the LDS church who prefer to use a Macintosh computer. I just found out about this MacPAF project from Dick Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter . I had no idea the Church was making an updated version of PAF for Macintosh users...but that's because the Church isn't updating it. A senior in Computer Science at BYU, Logan Allred, has been working on an updated version for almost 2 years now.

The last update for the Macintosh version of PAF was in 1996. The Church then discontinued the program. Right now Logan is still trying to work out all the kinks in his program, but you can download what he has so far and test it out.

Information about MacPAF can be found at this website, and Logan also has a blog that gives status updates on this project.

I applaud Logan Allred for his effort. My husband is currently a senior in the Computer Science program at BYU too, and he definitely doesn't have time to undertake a project this big. And based on Logan's websites, I believe he also has 3 children to keep him busy. Thank you for your effort, Logan.


I came across MacPAF from http://www.macgenealogy.org/macpaf and I'm as interested as you are.

None of the current Mac programs have really grabbed me (although I will admit that MacFamilyTree has improved a lot over the past year).

The www.macgenealogy.org website didn't have a download link, and I couldn't find one on Logan's website - can you point me to it?


I have searched for the download link and could not find one either. I hadn't looked for it since I don't use a Macintosh myself. But I emailed Logan Allred and I asked him if there was a download available. So I will get back to you as soon as I find out anything.

Thanks for your comment. I hope I can help you.

Here is Logan's latest update:

It was incorrectly stated that there is a current version you can download. It's not quite finished so there isn't a version available yet for general download. It currently has too many bugs where I don't save some data correctly and I don't want to corrupt people's data until those are fixed. I expect to have a version to download and try out in a month or two.

I'll let everyone know when I have a working version ready.

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