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Turning the hearts of the Children to their Fathers

I found a great article written by a professional genealogist for this month's LDS post. The article is titled, Turning the Heart of This Child to The Fathers - A Personal Witness, written by James W. Petty for a column in the Meridian Magazine. Petty has 30 years experience as a professional genealogist, and a genealogy degree from Brigham Young University. In addition to his column on Meridian he writes a genealogy column for People Finders, and World Search.

In his article Petty shares many neat experiences he's had while doing genealogy research. Here is just an excerpt from the end of his article, written exactly 4 years ago today.

For me, genealogy research has been a source of constant testimony and revelation. That does not mean I am better than others, or that I do not experience tremendous trials. What I know is that genealogy research, and communicating with the spirit world go hand-in-hand. If anyone wants to find out what it means to experience a spiritual lift and connection, genealogy and temple work are the way to do it. The promised blessings of genealogy research and temple work come from the sincere effort of reaching out to others who have passed on, combined with careful study, thoughtful pondering, and constant prayer. Of that I bear my personal witness. My experience with genealogy has given me insight in the gospel of our Savior, and strengthened my belief in Him. I believe it will do the same for anyone who will open their heart and mind to this great work.


I totally agree. Thanks for the reminder.

You're welcome, Cathy.


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