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10 Common Genealogy Questions

Kimberly Powell, the guide for genealogy at About.com, recently listed a set of common genealogy questions. Here is the list of questions:

1. How do I begin to trace my family tree?

2. What does my last name mean?

3. Where can I find the book on my family?

4. What is the best genealogy software?

5. How do I make a family tree?

6. What is a first cousin, twice removed?

7. Am I related to someone famous?

8. Where can I find birth, death, and marriage records?

9. What is my family coat of arms?

10. Where did my ancestors come from?

To find her answers and links to helpful websites click here.


Those are some tough questions. I will need to check out her answers because I have no idea what all the amswers are.

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