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Family Tree

The LDS church, who put together the FamilySearch website, has been working on a whole new system called Family Tree. I first learned a little bit about this project back in September at the FGS Conference in Salt Lake City. Jay Verkler, from the LDS church, was the keynote speaker and talked about this new system.

At the end of December 2005, the LDS church released the first version of Family Tree to a small group of beta testers to test out the system. I have been a part of this testing but have decided not to write about it yet. One of the other beta testers, Renee Zamora, has written some very thorough articles on Family Tree though and if you are interested in more information, the benefits, and future release dates please check with her links:

FamilySearch's New Feature Family Tree
Beta 1 for Family Tree Ends


We can take your file from FamilySearch or any other gedcom file, add photos, and crate a Family Calendar filled with photos on each date you want to celebrate. We like to show different snippets of Family History for each month of the year. Over time, these calendars become part of your family history that you can pass on. Take a peak here http://www.ourlivingtree.com/process/calendar-sample.pdf

It's a pleasure to have my calendar hanging in front of me everyday as a wonderful reminder of my family. As one of eleven children, it was very hard to remember the birthdays of all my neices and nephews. Now, I get great comfort in knowing I am not going to miss anyone's birthday or anniversary because their photos are right there on the calendar.

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