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Relationship Finder v2

Yesterday I posted websites shared by Dick Eastman on researching the genealogy of U.S. Presidents. Someone named Nate posted a comment to Eastman's entry about a project through BYU called Relationship Finder v2.

If you or a close relative appear in Ancestral File, the Relationship Finder v2 project at BYU will tell you instantly if you are related to US Presidents and a number of other famous people: http://roots.cs.byu.edu/digroots2/.

I decided to try this website since I have many ancestors in the Ancestral File. I found my great-grandfather, Leander Emil Lund, on FamilySearch and located his Ancestral File Number(AFN). Then I entered that into the Relationship Finder and it asked me which groups I wanted to search. The options are:

* Current Apostles
* Declaration Signers
* Early Apostles
* Early LDS
* Eight Witnesses
* European Royalty
* Famous Americans
* Famous English
* Famous Europeans
* Famous Writers
* Martin Handcart Co
* Mayflower
* Military Explorers
* Past Seventies
* Prophets
* Prophets Wives
* Science Technology
* Seventy
* Three Witnesses
* U.S. Presidents

I searched about half of the groups, so it took a few minutes. It then told me that I'm related to Russell M. Nelson, a current apostle in the LDS church. It said Elder Nelson and my great-grandfather are 3rd cousins once removed and that their common ancestor is Peder Larsen born in 1752 in Norway. I called my father immediately and told him the news and he had no idea we tied into Elder Nelson's line either, so it was pretty exciting to find out.


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