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PAF Insight 2006

Ohana Software released a new version of PAF Insight today. The new features include:

* Will be compatible with the new FamilySearch Family Tree
* New place editor helps clean up place names
* Opens and saves PAF backup (.zip) files directly
* All data is now editable
* Keeps an automatic archive of your files
* You can select "Only show IGI matches that have additional ordinance info"
* New interface with movable and resizable windows
* Conflicting dates and places can be added for later research
* Enhanced search details
* Switch modes without exiting your file
* Prompts when places are not recognized for searching
* Easily updates automatically
* No longer needs Internet Explorer
* And more...

I have tried the new version out and though it is somewhat different and hard to get used to at first, I really liked the changes Ohana has made. I really enjoyed being able to edit all my information while using PAF Insight. I also used the "edit places" mode and really liked it. I was able to go through all my locations and fix misspellings and take out extra commas very easily. There are also good options in the "preferences" window, whether to ignore or add parents as a default or to only show IGI matches that have new ordinance info, instead of having to sift through 10 records of the same ordinances to find the one ordinance you're looking for.

I highly recommend updating your version or buying this new version if you still have not tried PAF Insight for yourself.


Nice comments. I printed the help lessons today for Insight. About 50 pages long. See tomorrow.

The paf insight your speeking of here is it the same one that is going to be released soon called family insight? Or has it all ready been released?
Thank you Anita

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