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Unclaimed Persons.com

I recently read about a new website at Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. It is called Unclaimed Persons.com and sounds pretty interesting. Here is an overview of their service.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information to the public regarding a deceased loved one for whom next of kin has never been located. Coroner’s Departments, Medical Examiner’s offices and Sheriff’s departments throughout the United States oftentimes conduct an investigation for which a deceased persons identity is known, however due to various reasons, family member(s) could not be located. The respective investigative agency may utilize resources such as a local newspaper to attempt to locate family. When all effort to find family is exhausted, the deceased loved one is generally buried or cremated at the expense of the respective governmental agency. It is our sincere hope that this web site will assist family and friends in locating a lost loved one providing information and closure.

The function of this web site is quite simple. You may search by the person’s last name and first name; by county or you may view all names in the database. If you locate the name of a person in which you would like additional information, simply click on the persons underlined name and another screen will appear with full information including the responsible governmental agency. Simply call the phone number on that screen and refer to their case number.


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