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Remote Access to HeritageQuest Online

For the past few years HeritageQuest Online has offered remote access at home to many genealogical societies. According to an article by Dick Eastman, ProQuest recently announced that they will be terminating this option. Remote, in-home access will still be allowed to many library users around the United States though.

I just recently moved from the Salt Lake area to the Sacramento area and was worried about keeping my remote access to HeritageQuest Online. My Salt Lake County library card allowed me to access their website for free from home. Dick Eastman's informative article answered my question though, showing me that all California residents can get remote access. Here is the summary list from his recent post on which states allow in-home access through a local library.

* All residents of California
* All residents of Colorado
* Any Connecticut Public Library Card holder (library cards are free)
* All residents of Delaware
* Most Florida residents, but not all, have free in-home access to HeritageQuest Online through Florida's library cooperatives.
* Hawaiian residents may obtain free access through the Hawaii State Public Library System.
* All Kansas residents have remote access to HeritageQuest Online. You will need a Kansas Library Card, available at any Public Library.
* Any Maryland Public Library Card holder automatically has remote access through Sailor, a project of Maryland Public Libraries. Contact your local library to obtain a card in order to gain access to all Sailor resources.
* All Massachusetts residents can obtain free remote access to HQ using the Boston Public Library's online gateway.
* All Nebraska residents have remote access to HeritageQuest Online via the Nebraska Library Commission, operated by the State of Nebraska. Your Nebraska driver's license number serves as a library card and will give you free access to many online databases.
* All New Hampshire residents have remote access to HeritageQuest Online through the state's NHewLink provided by the NH State Library.
* Virtually all libraries in the state of North Carolina offer HeritageQuest Online from the library buildings. Many of those libraries also offer remote access, although not all do so.
* All Ohio residents can obtain free remote access to HQ. Most local public libraries subscribe. If your local library does not, all Ohio residents can get a card from the Columbus Metropolitan Library, which does give you access.
* Pennsylvania residents who have library cards with ACCESS PA stickers, but do not have remote access through their own library, may be able to get a free card from one of the participating libraries within the system.
* All South Dakota residents can obtain free online access via the South Dakota State Library.
* Texas residents who are registered patrons of public or academic libraries can obtain free remote access to HeritageQuest Online through the TexShare Databases program. Access is available free of charge.
* HeritageQuest Online can be accessed from any Utah public library & all but a few from your home. How you get into the databases depends on where you live and which library is offering access. Check with your local library for details.
* All Vermont residents may obtain remote, in-home access to HeritageQuest Online via the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier. The required library cards are free to those in surrounding towns while more distant Vermont residents will need to pay $12.50 for a card.
* All residents of Wyoming can have remote access through the state library.

For a more specific list of what libraries to use for access in these states, go to Eastman's Encyclopedia of Genealogy.


I liked this alot. You are doing a good job. Keep it up.

Thank you, Nick.

This was quite extensive. Thanks for the information.

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