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What does your name mean?

Kimberly Powell recently posted an article called, The Hidden Meaning in Your Name. She listed a few different websites that tell you the meaning of your name. This one will give you a paragraph explanation of your name - like this:

Your natural charisma and charm makes you an influential figure able to inspire confidence in others. Material abundance and emotional contentment are seemingly drawn to you and satisfy your dreams of success. However being humanitarian you find that applying your talents and creative prowess to a worthwhile purpose is far more satisfying than material gain. Your courage, adaptability and determination overcome any obstacles.

In looking at these you have to realize that the same paragraph can pop up more than once. I tried various names, like my maiden name vs. married name, my full first name (Katherine) vs. my nickname (Katie) and it changed the description each time. But then I put in my dad's name and his description was the same as one of mine. And as Kimberly Powell said, the entries are all positive...which isn't very realistic for some people :)

I also enjoyed the site that uses numerology to find the meaning of your name. According to my numerology, my destiny here on earth is this:

Here to learn leadership, independence and decision making skills, you strive to do your best possible when involved in any project that requires your original thinking. You are a pioneer reaching out to create or invent new ways of doing things. The status quo is just not good enough, and you are always looking for a better method to accomplish a given task. Strong willed and able to stand on your own two feet, life gives you many challenges and tests. You forge forward, eager to learn, experience, and meet your goals. You can become so involved in a project, others may see you as compulsive. From your perspective, you are absorbed in what you are doing, enjoying every minute of it, and prefer to work on the project rather than break from it. You are motivated. You are self-reliant, think for yourself, and determined to be self-made. You are a leader, a promoter, and meet obstacles with courage. Be careful to not be too overpowering of others dreams and wishes. When in a negative frame of mind, you can be domineering and too aggressive. Learn to inject new and original ideas, not force them on others.


Hello. I`m having an issue with finding my name definition. Since it is a name, I think I need a defintion for it. The name is Aprillynn. Not April Lynn, Aprillynn. All one name. Please help me.

Aprillynn, you will need to contact their site directly. I am not affiliated with them.

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