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Barbie's Genealogy - We've got some work to do

I found an article on Barbie's history of family and friends. I grew up playing with Barbie in the 80's and find it interesting that my nieces are still playing with Barbie Dolls 20 years later.

(Lois Lane doll)

Here is what we know about Barbie's family tree from the article:

Barbie was born in 1959
Skipper was Barbie's first sister born in 1964
Twin siblings were born in 1966 - Tutti and Todd
Stacie, an unexpected surprise sister, was born in 1992
And another sister, Kelly, was born in 1995

Barbie has 2 known cousins:

Francie born in 1966
Jazzie born in 1989

What do we think genealogists, enough clues here to find out who Barbie's parents are? What about grandparents? We've got some work to do. :)


hi i really want to talk to u barbie & todd

i love barbie

What about Shelly? =O

I know this page is from 2006 but I found it while searching for something else on Google. I can answer your questions.
Barbie's parents are named George and Margaret Roberts of Willows, Wisconsin. Although Mattel never made dolls of George and Margaret, they were featured in the Barbie Random House novels of the 1960s and some Barbie Talk magazine articles during that decade.
As for Barbie's siblings and cousins, they are:
Skipper, 1964-2003
Tutti, 1966-1971, and also sold in Europe throughout the 1970s
Todd (Tutti's twin), 1967, and also sold in Europe throughout the 1970s
Stacie, 1992 through the late 1990s, and reintroduced briefly last year in a gift set. There are many collectors who consider Stacie (who's about an inch taller than Tutti) to be the same person as Tutti; that Tutti is a nickname and Stacie is her given name (perhaps Todd couldn't pronounce "Stacie" and called her Tutti?)
Todd (about an inch taller than the original Todd and now listed as Stacie's twin), 1991 through the mid-1990s
Kelly, introduced in 1995, known as Shelly in Europe, and is still sold today
Krissy, the baby sister, in 1998
Barbie's cousin Francie, 1965-1976
Barbie's cousin Jazzie, 1989-1993

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