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iMemoryBook Update

I wrote about my experience with iMemoryBook over a year ago. I recently received a comment from Jeffrey at FamilyLearn saying there's a new updated version of iMemoryBook available.

I just thought I would let you know that we released version 2.0 of iMemoryBook on November 15th. That's right we just released it this past week. It is FREE to use during it's BETA period. You can get to the new system at: http://beta.imemorybook.com

So anyone who wants to try out their service, maybe for a Christmas gift, can do so for free right now.

There is also an article about this new release at EarthTimes.org.


Hi Katie,

I am in the middle of finals at BYU and so I just read this entry today. But I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning iMemoryBook. I hope that you enjoy even more than the old iMemoryBook system.


You are very welcome. My dad really enjoyed the book we made him a year ago.

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