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Ensign & New Era Family History Articles

As some of you may have noticed, on the last day of each month I post an LDS quote on Family History. For those of you who would like to find more of these, my main resource is this webpage:

Family History - Genealogy Articles: Ensign and New Era

The page is updated fairly often, at least monthly, since the November articles are up. I found it months ago and it continues to be updated.


The Children of 052: [King] Mattaniah - Zedekiah
052-001: DIRECT DESCENDANT (sons-) 053: BOOK -
2 Kgs. 25: 7 All of [King] Zedekiah's sons slain, except Mulek.
052-002: DIRECT DESCENDANT (a son) 053: BOOK - MULEK
In the Book of Mormon, (another Testament of Jesus Christ),
Mulek arrived from Jerusalem, circa 600 B.C., with his later
posterity living within the Western Hemisphere. The City of Mulek
was located on the east borders by the seashore, or Gulf of Mexico,
in the Central American region. The City of Mulek was located on
the eastern side of the Continental Divide watershed, that runs from
the Seward Peninsula in Alaska, down to the tip of South America.
It is crossed at the narrow neck of land by the Panama Canal. The
Hemispheric Geography Model of the Book of Mormon, assigns to
the isthmus of Panama, the designation of the "narrow neck of land".
The "land northward" is indicated as being North America and the
"land southward" being South America. However, consider the
underwater extension of the coastal plain, called the continental
shelf. Within the Book of Mormon record is testimony of catastrophic
alterations of land and sea locations, during the approximate three
hour time period designated as occurring during the death of Jesus.
The continental shelf is an underwater extension of the coastal plain,
which would have been involved in the burial of cities in water;
also, mountains and hills and other land deformities occurred,
simultaneously. Using the current extensions of the Central and
South American continental shelf, ( as part of the depressed areas
of surface land masses occurring at the death of Jesus Christ: those
areas which swallowed up cities ), would anciently position the
narrow neck of land farther north into Central America. Northern
South America, Central America, and the Gulf of Mexico coasts
must have been more gentle in slope, land surface and height,
with apparent larger coastal plains that extended farther into the
Gulf of Mexico, at the coming of Mulek. Furthermore, at the coming
of Christ to the American Continent, the Book of Mormon testifies that
chosen witnesses lived to old age and the population as a whole was
healed; thus, in top medical condition. Evidence is given stating a
continuation of a superior unified society that lasted for hundred of
years, beginning with an initial surviving group of many thousands.
With such ideal conditions, including constant capacity to maintain
ideal health conditions, as well as the maximum coupling of all posterity
(low to zero infant mortality) and extended life cycles, the population
growth of this Christian Nation magnifies into mega millions of individuals,
out migrating far beyond local geographic Mesoamerica, into all regions
of South, Central and North America: the land of Zion.

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