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New Family History Business

The following is a press release from Verify Family History


Summit, NJ, 1/16/07. On January 15, 2006, Martin Luther King Day, Verify Family History was launched, in fulfillment of its business dream. Its dream is comparing and verifying ancestors’ temple ordinances with the official temple ordinance records of the Church.

Several people have genealogies that include temple ordinances. Unfortunately, many people have not verified their ancestors’ temple ordinances. And unfortunately some and even many temple ordinances are not listed on the official Church records. Thus many ordinances are not considered done.

Verify Family History has eight Church members in Jinja, Uganda, located in East Africa. The employees have been extensively trained to inexpensively compare, verify and document people’s temple ordinances. Utlilizing the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) program and the internet, the eight employees are easily able to perform the verification work.

Having temple ordinances inexpensively verified allows family historians to easily authenticate their ancestors’ ordinances, frees them from the repetitive drudgery and allows them to explore the more interesting unknowns of their genealogies. Furthermore, the compiled information of the ancestors’ missing temple ordinances allows for easy submission to the temple. Furthermore, it provides a peace of mind.

Family historians may start to have their ancestors’ temple ordinances verified by attaching a PAF (Personal Ancestral File) or gedcom file to an email sent to proviah@verifyfamilyhistory.com, or access the verifyfamilyhistory.com website to obtain more information. The cost is $0.75 per ancestor and the first 10 names are free. (more)

So, on Martin Luther King Day, some may have heard their ancestors rightfully shouting with joy: “Free at last, Free at last, Free at last!”

About Verify Family History. VFH is a New Jersey corporation working with 24-7 Uganda Ltd., an Ugandan corporation. Both corporations are owned by Merrill Clark.

Contact: (Mr.) Merrill J. Clark

Verify Family History

72 Division Avenue

Summit, NJ 07901

(973) 985-8641

(973) 847-5147 fax


I am honestly rather perplexed by this press release. Verifying temple ordinances is free if you use the IGI at FamilySearch.org. I don't know why this new company is starting to charge people for it. I checked out their website and they clearly state that they will be using the IGI to "verify" our family history. They charge an "inexpensive fee" of 75 cents for each individual. If you have only 100 individuals in your file, you will pay $75. Many people have more than 100 people in their file, try thousands. This would get pricey.

I think I'll keep checking my ancestors free by using the IGI myself. Also, I bought PAF Insight a few years ago for $20 and that checks the IGI for me pretty easily. It is much quicker than doing it by hand, though sometimes I have to admit it does miss some ordinances that have been done. I still haven't figured out why.

NOTE: You do have to be a member of the LDS church in order to see the temple ordinances in the IGI.


nice message

Given the honest perplexity, I should probably comment, although I am loath to promote a commercial enterprise on a a genealogical news site.
Yes verifying is free and yes may be done faster on IGI Insight. We offer the service for someone who does not want to go through the drudgery and wants to focus their valuable time on looking for the unknown ancestors.

Mr. Clark,

I agree that it is better for someone to pay you to verify their temple ordinances than to not check them at all. If your company will help members of the church stop duplicating names, then it will be a success.

I personally like to check for the ordinances myself, but I can see that some people might consider that busy work.

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