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Ancestry Continues to Offer a Low Price

Well I'm sure everyone in the Genealogy community has heard about the access to Ancestry.com being dropped from LDS Family History Centers. As of April 1st the Ancestry.com information available will be much more minimal at FHCs. I think Ancestry is offering a special price for the next few days because of this recent announcement. I got in on this special deal a few months ago and I think it is a very fair price for all the information they offer.


* We tripled what was already the world’s largest online collection of immigration records.
* We completed the U.S. Federal Census collection (1790-1930). This 6.6 million hour project allows you to trace your family back decade by decade.
* We added completely new personal trees that offer you hints and let you more easily organize and share your research — even upload photos.
* We also launched a new online store that features more than 10,000 family history products.

Get ready for our best year ever.

In 2007 we’ll be adding millions of new records to Ancestry.com, including U.S. state census records, U.S. military records and others from outside the United States. We'll also be helping you collaborate with loved ones to build your own family history website featuring family photos and stories all at no extra charge. In addition, you’ll be able to use your research to create beautiful scrapbooks and other gifts. Join now and you’ll get it all for the low price mentioned above.

Click here for an Annual US Deluxe Membership.
Click here for an Annual World Deluxe Membership.


Does the World Deluxe Membership cost of $199 apply to present World Deluxe members? Or is this only for new memberships?

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