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A Mother's Day Tribute

Mothers are very special people. For this Mother's Day, May 13, 2007, I would like to share some of the wonderful childhood memories I have of my mother. She taught me things, she spent time with me, she encouraged me to succeed, and every moment depicts her love for me.

When I was in first grade there was a reading competition in my class. I think we got a gold star for every 10 books we read and a gift certificate to Pizza Hut for each 100. Somehow, by either my mom's competitive nature or by my own, we both decided that I had to read the most in the class. Mom would take me to the library once or twice a week to get more and more books. Given, these were books with 2 or 3 words on each page, but they counted towards my quota all the same. I ended up reading 1,000 books and got my name and picture in the local newspaper. And 20 years later I still love to read and talk to my mom about books. Sometimes when I can't find a book at my library she offers to buy it for her personal collection and lets me borrow it. What a generous mom!

A few years later my mom decided to teach me how to cross-stitch, one of her favorite hobbies. I think she taught my older sister as well, but Melissa didn't enjoy it like I did. Over the years my mom has helped me go from making a tiny little turtle to cross-stitching a Family Tree. She helped me progress from small patterns to bigger ones until I knew how to do it on my own and now we can sit and share our finished products. She cross-stitches baby blankets for each of her grandchildren, which inspired me to cross-stitch birth records and Christmas stockings for my children. Thank you for sharing your hobby with me, Mom.


Another memory I will always have of my mom is a meal she would make whenever I got sick. I don't know when it started but I loved to have her make “Eggs & Toast.” She would soft boil the eggs and butter the toast and then cut them both into bite-size pieces and mix them together. It would always taste so good when I was home sick. And even when I was older in college, I got mononucleosis and she was there to take me to the doctor and nurse me back to health with Eggs & Toast. She has helped a lot each time I've had a baby as well, especially during the first few months of morning sickness. Someday I will take care of you Mom! (but not too soon, right?)

My parents shared the title of my “biggest fan” when I played basketball. It was an early love of mine and they put me into camps every summer and paid for lots of events through the years. My mom was the one who started buying me fake Superman tattoos to wear to my games in high school. It became my “trademark.” She also decided she wanted to keep my stats each game and would show up with her clipboard and printed charts. My teammates thought she was over the top, and she was! We lived in a small town with lots of sports coverage in the newspapers, so my mom clipped out every article that mentioned me and now I have 2 photo albums full of memories. My parents were so supportive through my years of basketball that I feel bad for any child who doesn't have parents come to their games. Thank you for always being there Mom and Dad.


One more memory and this one is the most current. After I got married my mom helped me to get interested in Family History and taught me almost everything I know about researching and finding ancestors. Her and my father have done a lot of work on their lines so I have concentrated mostly on my husband's line. My mom has patiently helped me learn how to use PAF, to find more ancestors, and then to submit ancestors' names for LDS temple work. This has been a wonderful experience for me as we work together and share our heritage. What a worthwhile interest she has awakened in me and I hope we will continue to share it together.

(Cathy and Katie outside the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple in August 2002)

Thank goodness for mothers and especially mine! I never truly knew how much she loved me until I became a mother myself. What a wonderful blessing it is to know my mother loves me unconditionally and always will. I love you Mom! May we share many more years and memories together. And I pray that I will emulate your example with my own children.


I knew this would make me cry. Thank-you for such nice comments. Love you sweetie.


Me too.

Beautiful! And a tear-jerker, too!

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