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A Father's Day Tribute to my Ancestors

In going along with some of the other genealogy bloggers, I am going to post about my paternal line of Fathers.

First, and most important to me, is my own Father. Nick is a hard worker, very dedicated to his family. He is a big softy (though he tries to hide it :) He always tries to help his kids in any way he can and especially loves to spoil his 13 grandchildren. I'm the baby of 6 kids, which allowed me special treatment growing up as well as one-on-one time once all my older siblings were gone. In his 60s now, I hope he will live a long time and get to see all his children and grandchildren grow up. My 2 sons absolutely adore him. My 2 1/2 year old was able to live near him for his first 18 months and they became best friends. He is truly one of my best friends as well. Love you Dad!

(Katie and Nick Summer 2000)

Next is Nick's father, Max. He was a wonderful grandfather who loved to sing and play sports. He moved from New York to Chicago to be near us when I was in Junior High and he consistently came to all my sporting events. When I decided to try out for the golf team, having never played golf before, he took me to the driving range and taught me how to hold the clubs and play the game. One of the best lessons I learned was to take a "mulligan" every now and again :)

(Max in 1998)

Then there's Max's father, Leander, who I never knew. He died when Max was a young child. He was a very good commercial artist and would paint billboards around town.

(Lee - 1920s)

Lee's father was Emil, who was the first immigrant in our line. He was born in Norway in 1866 and came to the United States in 1870. He worked for the Postal Service and had 9 children. Seven of them lived to maturity and then when Lee died at age 33, Emil and his wife raised their 3 grandchildren.

(Emil in 1912)

Emil's father was Halvor, born in 1823. He and his wife found the LDS religion and joined the church in Norway. His wife joined first in 1857 and he 11 years later in 1868. They endured much ridicule until they could immigrate to America and live with the Saints in Utah.

(Halvor in 1884)


Thanks friend. I loved it. What a great idea.

Great job! I especially liked the photos and seeing the resemblances through the generations...they all had that same chin, didn't they?

I hadn't noticed the chins before. Leander and Emil seem to have the same one, with a dimple. Thanks for looking, Miriam!

Hi, my name is Johnathan Lund. I'm not sure how I stumbled into this blog. I am the great great great grandson of Halvor Lunde.
Emil's brother, (I can't remember his name for my life right now) is my great great grandfather. His son (I'll get all the names when I get home off of my computer)moved to Los Angeles, and that's where my grandfather Paul Lund and my father Andrew Lund were raised. My dad attended BYU, and that's where I was born.

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