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July 31, 2007

My Genealogy is All Done....

How many of you have heard that line before? I've heard at least 5 members of the LDS church say that their genealogy is all done. "So-and-So" has done it all. Real genealogists roll their eyes or just smile a fake smile.

There's an article in this month's Ensign titled, It's All Been Done. Loretta Evans lists some questions to think about if this is how you feel.

* Have you made records of your own life?

* Do you have accurate records of your immediate family?

* Do you have copies of your ancestors’ records?

* Have you checked your genealogy for completeness and accuracy?

* Have you found your ancestors in original documents?

* Do you have a family organization?

* Have you considered descendancy research?

* What do you know about your ancestors’ lives?

* Do you have family photographs or documents?

* Do you own family heirlooms?

* Do you have time to serve others in family history?

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