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My Genealogy is All Done....

How many of you have heard that line before? I've heard at least 5 members of the LDS church say that their genealogy is all done. "So-and-So" has done it all. Real genealogists roll their eyes or just smile a fake smile.

There's an article in this month's Ensign titled, It's All Been Done. Loretta Evans lists some questions to think about if this is how you feel.

* Have you made records of your own life?

* Do you have accurate records of your immediate family?

* Do you have copies of your ancestors’ records?

* Have you checked your genealogy for completeness and accuracy?

* Have you found your ancestors in original documents?

* Do you have a family organization?

* Have you considered descendancy research?

* What do you know about your ancestors’ lives?

* Do you have family photographs or documents?

* Do you own family heirlooms?

* Do you have time to serve others in family history?


Hmmm, interesting. In response to this we have created a new t-shirt to help "educate" the poor souls who suffer from this delusion:


LOL.....now that just made me laugh. Til the day I die, and hopefully that's a long way off as I'm a pretty young genealogist, I don't think I will ever utter those words.

It never ends. Even when I look at a family I think I have exhausted my search on, occasionally, I will find something new and exciting.

But let me ask you this. What fun would genealogy research be if there was a finish line? That's the fun in it. There are many brick walls and challenges to overcome, but I'm certain that finish line is invisible. LOL Amy

Genealogy work is never done! That's the great thing about it :)

Great points to consider if you ever have a 'what next?' thought!

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